Messaging solutions to scale your business

OneXtel’s intuitive tools and messaging systems help you reach your customers to help build relationships that last. Run cost-effective SMS campaigns that deliver results through our advanced platforms that are backed by analytics besides being quick and secure.

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Promotional SMS

Curate your branded SMS based on market research and specific user-behaviors. Analyze performance across various campaigns to achieve maximum lead generation and conversion rates besides brand satisfaction. Our platform enables you to reach out to all the leads on your database and convert them into loyal customers.

Transactional SMS

On-premise SMS updates on various developments such as bank transactions, hotel reservations, insurance and billing dues, appointment reminders, etc., can be timely delivered with our highest uptimes and support for dynamic content. Maintain the reliability of your brand by making sure your customers never miss their updates on any transactions with your business.

One Time Password(OTP) & Authentication

As e-commerce sectors continue to boom, our secure platforms enable successful delivery of One Time Passwords and other authentication SMS to ensure the security of your systems and processes. Our stellar infrastructure ensures the termination of SMS within a maximum of thirty seconds so that you conduct your business online safely and quickly.

2-way Messaging

Make your SMS campaign engaging with our 2-way messaging solution where you can incorporate a 2-way channel that allows you to both send and receive SMS using dedicated long and shortcodes along with designated keywords to add a more personalized spark to your marketing campaigns.

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