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Become an OneXtel partner today and enjoy an extensively designed, end-to-end webpanel named after your domain, with several additional benefits included.


Enjoy these perks

Distinguishing features

Private label solutions

Private label solutions

A personalized private label web application for your brand, designed to mirror your identity.

Account management

Account management

Manage processes across multiple divisions seamlessly, with our super effective account management tool.



Attract more customers with reduced prices and immediately boost your sales.

Extensive maintenance

Extensive maintenance

Maintain systems and updates proficiently throughout the year and ensure better user experiences.

Effective speed

Effective speed

Experience lightning-fast deliveries within seconds and floor your buyers.



Experience a straightforward user-friendly interface and get quick access to common commands.

No set-up cost

No set-up cost

Enjoy zero set-up costs and avoid paying any extra hidden charges.

100% delivery

100% delivery

Get a delivery rate of upto 100% on accurate and reachable numbers.

SMS options

SMS options

Schedule messages effortlessly and send them individually or in groups at once.

99.99% Availability

99.99% Availability

Our solution remains fully functional at all times, and is accessible from anywhere. Get the advantage of Geo-Redundant servers.

File support

File support

Upload data from multiple sources such as texts, CSVs, excel files, and more.

Large outreach

Large outreach

Maximize your reach by sending several types of SMS in bulk at once.

Our system

Understand its functions

The solution we design for you will be fully integrated, reflecting your identity alone. You will be assigned credits after you’ve purchased credits from us. Customers can reach you and you can sell them credits at the price of your choice.

Additionally, you will require a unique domain backed by a SSL certificate that will enable us to build your business web panel.

Delivery Report

Delivery report is a notification that is sent after the message is delivered. It shows the status of the SMS that was submitted whether the SMS is delivered, awaited, or failed.

Personalized SMS

Send personalized SMS to your customers addressing them with their first name or preferred name using variables. Send them greetings on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and float special offers to them on special occasions.

Free API integration

Integrate intuitive and simplified APIs with your applications or enterprise solutions.

Local languages

Send messages in the language of your choice using uni-code SMS.

24/7 SMS service

Our solution is available 24x7 365 days of the year with an uptime of 99.99%

Online panel

Get access to a user-centric web panel that is powerful and easy to use.

The Solution

Understand our offerings better


Life with Onextel

Life without Onextel

Turn around time

with onextel check Enjoy quick account activations, instant sender ID profile activation, and Go Live in no time!

without onextel check Long, delayed regular & sender ID activations

Partner login

with onextel check Benefit from convenient & fast logins without interruptions

without onextel check Complex forms, time-consuming registration process, long hours before final registration.

API & Integration

with onextel check Offer your unique API to customers.

without onextel check Restricted access to API.

Technical knowledge

with onextel check Navigate smoothly through the platform without prior technical knowledge.

without onextel check A little technical understanding is important.


with onextel check Cost-effective and affordable one-stop solution.

without onextel check Sky-rocketed prices with poor results

Customer support

with onextel check Efficient sales and support team available to cater to your queries.

without onextel check Rude or unhelpful customer support staff.