Missed Call

Grab attention and generate leads just by leaving a missed call. With zero cost imposition on customers, missed calls supplement IVR and outbound dialing services and initiate the engagement process. Save time and efficiently contact your target audience with tracking and automated reply features.

No customer cost

Customer calls automatically disconnect when dialled, incurring no call charges on the customer while acquainting them with your brand simultaneously.

Industry uses

  • FMCG

    Track supply chain orders with ease, drive engagement with missed call opt-in lists, customize CRM using voice solutions, automate IVR surveys in multiple languages, curate specialized campaigns for different audiences.

  • NGOs & Social Enterprises

    Say thank yous for contributions, get better support, raise awareness on issues, enable quicker outreach, run missed call campaigns to gather support on matters.

  • Healthcare

    Send lab reports, automate appointment bookings, send personalized updates about check-up camps, telemedicine services, spread healthcare awareness, and provide emergency services with support from missed call solutions.






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