IVR Telephony

Serve customers round the clock with our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions. Connect customers and agents with minimal effort, through automated call routing and pre-recorded voice messages. Address customer grievances and collect feedback with both inbound and outbound IVRs.

Let the customer decide

Personalise responses in real-time, tailored to customer preferences. Customised IVRs include call routing, post-call reports and API features.

Industry uses

  • E-Commerce

    Building virtual call centers, verify cash on delivery requests, send order updates, grow website traffic, track marketing insights, run elaborate marketing campaigns.

  • Retail

    Designate a single number for all customer-facing communication, divert calls intelligently across agents, grow footfall through regular offers, manage loyalty programs with ease, create unified brand templates and help franchisees grow their business through your brand.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Enable remote tour guiding using automated IVRs, send out personalized travel offers based on preferred destinations, entice clients with new offers and destinations, provide automated IVR assistance for travel bookings, etc.

  • Food&

    Send menu cards in advance, send hotel reservation notifications, conduct surveys to know customer preferences better, send greetings and offers on special occasions, transfer calls to the right outlet using IVR.






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