Drive personalized brand engagement with our voice solutions

OneXtel’s advanced solutions enable you to breed customer loyalty by marketing your brand in a language that your customers truly understand. Our enterprise-grade infrastructure helps your campaigns and transactions take shape seamlessly across services and products.

Explore the power of voice to achieve targets like never before.

IVR Telephony

Standard IVR: Efficient Interactive Voice Response solutions with tested features such as language setup and post-call SMS response, etc.

Customized IVR: Effective Interactive Voice Response solutions with responses customizable in real-time such as API, call routing, call recording, and post-call reports, etc.

Click-to-Call: Place a calling widget on your website or app to connect your visitors and customers with your customer-facing team through us in real-time without wasting any time on dialing numbers.

Missed Call

Generate leads at a substantial rate without worrying your customers about the cost. Leverage the power of strong call-to-actions with our missed call services and grow your campaigns with definitive engagement by your customers.

Outbound Dialling

Standard OBD: Empower your marketing efforts by sharing pre-recorded outbound dialer voice messages over phone calls with a scalable list to expand brand awareness in a personal and customized manner.

OBD with Agent Connect: Take outbound voice messages one step further by offering a connection with customer-service agents at the end of each call to enhance the brand experience of your customers.

Why OneX Voice

  • Multilingual support
    Ensure effective brand communication with customers in a language they are comfortable with.
  • Pre-recorded responses
    Make customer interaction and grievance addressal easier with pre-recorded messages customised to customer queries.
  • Intelligent call routing
    Our Interactive Voice Response system speeds up call-routing to customer care executives, saving customers valuable time.
  • Voice Masking
    Our voice masking feature ensures privacy by allotting a different number to inbound as well as outbound calls, maintaining confidentiality and preventing scam calls.
  • Missed call 
    Give customers the freedom to interact at any time with simple to use call-to-actions on missed call alerts and increase efficiency of customer engagement.
  • Click-to-call
    Allow customer interaction at the click of a button, without the need for memorising lengthy numbers through our click-to-call widget feature.






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