We enable communication across industries and sectors


Automate EMI reminders, promote new plans and services, provide real-time market updates, initiate effective customer service through the cloud, secure private details with number masking, centralize brand communication. 

Banking &



Designate a single number for all customer-facing communication, divert calls intelligently across agents, grow footfall through regular offers, manage loyalty programs with ease, create unified brand templates and help franchisees grow their business through your brand.


Building virtual call centers, verify cash on delivery requests, send order updates, conduct OTP authentications, grow website traffic, track marketing insights, run elaborate marketing campaigns. 



Travel & Tourism

Enable remote tour guiding using automated SMS or voice tools, invite SMS feedback on services, send out personalized travel offers based on preferred destinations, entice clients with new offers and destinations, provide automated IVR assistance for travel bookings, etc. 


Automate policy reminders, promote new plans and services, provide policy information and renewal updates, initiate effective service through the cloud, secure private details with number masking, centralise brand communication.



Stock Broking Companies

Provide real-time stock market updates, trade status reminder, indices, precise investment information, stock selling guidance, transaction position notification, centralise stock related communication.


Send open invites to audio launches, track and manage OTT subscriptions using SMS tools, seamlessly manage event ticketing, promote direct participation through interactive attachments, build a relationship of viewers towards films, etc.

Media & Entertainment



Invite quick service feedback, send booking reminders, set up easy customer support and information desks, record calls to train agents better in real-time, mask contact details for improved privacy of guests, manage guest relations seamlessly.


Send reading materials and assignments through texts, clarify doubts using automated 2-way messaging solutions, send personalized updates on exam results, create new leads during admission seasons, send updates on workshops and seminars. 



Auto Industry & Dealerships

Attach vehicle images and documents as short URLs, renew maintenance contracts, send purchase reminders, text test-drive appointments, manage efficient after-sales service.


Track supply chain orders with ease,  drive engagement with missed call opt-in lists, customize CRM using voice and SMS solutions, automate IVR surveys in multiple languages, curate specialized campaigns for different audiences.



Web CRM & ERP Technology

Superior lead-management and CRM interface, monetize interactions effectively using number masking systems. Curate SMS campaigns to drive app installations, database growth using effective long and shortcodes, text messages with product brochures and images using URLs, instant customer feedback, and automate information collection.


Conduct focus group studies efficiently, send occasion greetings to clients and develop relationships with clients, send timely and regular updates on projects/events to clients and ensure manual hours on servicing, automate feedback system. Send real-time notifications using different solutions, open a 2-way channel with your attendees to conduct real-time survey at events. 

Advertising & Event Management Agencies


Placement & Consultancy

Attract new talent with easy communication to contacts on a database, send job and interview alerts, simplify application process through 2-way messaging solutions, fill vacancies by sending bulk calls for quality applications, hold phone interviews and record conversations for reviews.


Track supply chain orders with ease,  drive engagement with missed call opt-in lists, customize CRM using voice and SMS solutions, automate IVR surveys in multiple languages, curate specialized campaigns for different audiences.

Consumer Durables


Courier, Logistics & Transport

Automate customer presence verification system and grow your first attempt delivery rates, track inventory of deliveries in real-time, safeguard end-customer privacy through number masking feature, provide on-demand delivery updates, gather real-time feedback on delivery partners, etc.


Say thank yous for contributions, get better support, raise awareness on issues, enable quicker outreach, share campaign updates using simple URLs, track tickets and fundraiser attendance better, run missed call campaigns to gather support on matters.

NGOs & Social Enterprises


Food & Beverage

Add your patrons to a growing opt-in list, send menu cards in advance, send hotel reservation notifications, conduct surveys to know customer preferences better, send greetings and offers on special occasions, transfer calls to the right outlet using IVR.


Show what you are selling, gather instant feedback on property listings, empower field staff with superior cloud telephony tools, invite prospects with personalized loan offers, track spends to make your marketing budgets effective.

Real Estate



Send lab reports through URLs, automate appointment bookings, send personalized updates about check-up camps, spread healthcare awareness, provide emergency services through missed call solutions, excel at telemedicine services with ease. 


Keep citizens informed of emergencies, create public awareness about government programs, automate tax payment reminders, simply citizen assistance mechanisms using SMS solutions to save on excess spending, remove citizen hassle but sending documents etc. over SMS.

Government &
Public Utilities


Beauty Services

Set-up seamless internal notification system for appointment updates, promote effectively using interactive voice solutions, enable slot booking process using SMS or IVR solutions, send personalized care plans to be there for clients 24x7.