Promotional SMS

Make sure that your marketing campaigns don’t go unnoticed using OneX SMS solutions. Gauge customer responses with the power of analytics. Maximise lead generation through curated messages based on customer behaviour and preferences. Promote what matters.

Adapt and deliver

Manage your campaigns with Onextel’s tracking-enabled campaign manager. Utilise a dashboard providing real-time insights into customer responses including device information and response time.

Industry uses

  • Education

    Send reading materials and assignments, clarify doubts using automated email solutions, send personalized updates on exam results, create new leads during admission seasons, send updates on workshops and seminars.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Send open invites to audio launches, track and manage OTT subscriptions using SMS tools, seamlessly manage event ticketing, promote direct participation through interactive attachments, build a relationship of viewers towards films, etc.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Enable remote tour guiding using automated SMS or voice tools, invite SMS feedback on services, send out personalized travel offers based on preferred destinations, entice clients with new offers and destinations.

  • E-Commerce

    Grow website traffic, track marketing insights, run elaborate marketing campaigns.

  • Government & Public Utilities

    Keep citizens informed of emergencies, create public awareness about government programs, automate tax payment reminders, simply citizen assistance mechanisms using SMS solutions to save on excess spending, remove citizen hassle but sending documents etc. over SMS.






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