2-way Messaging

Make customers of your campaign with our 2-way messaging solution. Don’t just send out blast campaigns, allow customers to send messages indicative of their preferences. Obtain valuable feedback to your campaigns in real-time.

Selective delivery

Manage subscribers with opt-in/out lists. Automated 2-way feedback mechanisms keep track of current and prospective subscribers to send messages accordingly.

Industry uses

  • Education

    Send reading materials and assignments through texts, clarify doubts using automated 2-way messaging solutions, send personalized updates on exam results, create new leads during admission seasons, send updates on workshops and seminars.

  • Advertising & Event Management Agencies

    Conduct focus group studies efficiently, send occasion greetings to clients and develop relationships with clients, send timely and regular updates on projects/events to clients and ensure manual hours on servicing, automated feedback system. Send real-time notifications using different solutions, open a 2-way channel with your attendees to conduct real-time survey at events.

  • Placement & Consultancy

    Attract new talent with easy communication to contacts on a database, send job and interview alerts, simplify application process through 2-way messaging solutions, fill vacancies by sending bulk calls for quality applications, hold phone interviews and record conversations for reviews.






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