Outbound Dialling

Hand-pick the customers you want to connect with. Outbound dialing allows your enterprise to notify customers of account and order-related updates with the help of pre-recorded messages or live agents. Contact multiple customers at once, in real-time or schedule a time best suited to their preferences.

Language flexibility 

Connect with customers in the language of their choosing. Messages can be pre-recorded in multiple languages, manually or automatically set by region.

Industry uses

  • Food & Beverages

    Automate customer presence verification system and grow your first attempt delivery rates, track inventory of deliveries in real-time, safeguard end-customer privacy through number masking feature, provide on-demand delivery updates, gather real-time feedback on delivery partners, etc.

  • Hospitality

    Invite quick service feedback, send booking reminders, set up easy customer support and information desks, record calls to train agents better in real-time, mask contact details for improved privacy of guests, manage guest relations seamlessly.

  • Beauty Services

    Set-up seamless internal notification system for appointment updates, promote effectively using interactive voice solutions, enable slot booking process using outbound dialing solutions, send personalized care plans to be there for clients 24x7.






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